Hi. I’m Chris. I’m a designer, writer, and the COO at Newfangled. I live in Durham. Eventually I’ll come up with some other things to tell you…


^ Here I am.

Get in touch, either @chrbutler or chrbutler{at}gmail.com



I write regularly on the the current and future state of the web for a variety of publications and websites. Here’s a list of them:

  1. this website
  2. Newfangled.com
  3. The Strategic Web Designer (Book)
  4. HOW Magazine
  5. Print Magazine
  6. Smashing Magazine



I speak often on interactive design and digital marketing topics. Some of my recent talks have covered:

  1. Rethinking Entrepreneurship
    HighFive Conference · 2014, Raleigh, NC
  2. The Future of Web Development – Transcript/Slides
    On information logistics
    Valuable Content/Bristol Content Group · 2014, Bristol, UK
  3. How to See What a User Sees – Transcript/Slides
    On studying user behavior
    HOW Interactive Design Conference · 2013, Chicago
  4. You, the Other Kind of Business Leader – Transcript/Slides
    On entrepreneurship
    RISD Entrepreneur Mindshare · 2013, Providence
  5. After Content Marketing – Transcript/Slides
    On the future of content marketing
    Win Without Pitching Webcast · 2013
  6. Finding Design in the Process – Transcript/Slides
    On the web design process
    HOW Design Live · 2013, San Francisco
  7. Responsive Design at 10,000 Feet – Transcript/Slides
    On how responsive design works
    UCDA Design Summit · 2013, Ashville
  8. Feedback – Transcript/Slides
    On getting feedback on interactive design
    HOW Interactive Design Conference · 2012, Washington, DC/San Francisco
  9. The Four Stages of Content Marketing – Transcript/Slides
    A content marketing training session
    American Marketing Association · 2012, Raleigh
  10. Emerging Technologies in Global Public Health – Transcript/Slides
    UNC School of Public Health · 2012, Chapel Hill
  11. On Writing, for Creative People – Transcript/Slides
    AIGA · 2012, Raleigh
  12. Human Progress Landscape – Transcript/Slides
    On the phenomenon of technosprawl
    Carolina Adobe User Group · 2012, Chapel Hill